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Hector was a prince of Troy in Greek mythology, son of King Priam and Queen Hecuba and was deemed to be the greatest warrior of Troy. He did not approve of the war that had started between the Greeks and the Trojans. Honest and forthright, he greatly disapproved of the conduct of his brother Paris, who carried off Helen, the wife of the Greek ruler Menelaus. His brother's actions set the stage for the Trojan War. 

Despite his feelings about Paris, Hector stood ready to defend Troy when the Greeks arrived to avenge the seduction of Helen. During the Trojan War, he was the leader of the Trojan army who managed to keep the Greeks away for nine years.

When the first Greek warrior set foot on Trojan land, it was Hector who killed him. In the long war that followed, Hector fought valiantly and with great vigor against the Greeks. 

He is commonly reputed as one of the bravest and deadliest heroes on the Trojan side, and indeed in the war itself. However, Hector was fated to die by the hand of Achilles, who's own fate rested on his decision to kill Hector and thus take revenge for Patroclus's death at Hector's hands. Achilles chased him around the walls of Troy three times, killed him, and then dragged his body tied by a rope to his carriage, refusing him a proper burial. After his father Priam had managed to get his body back, the funeral was held, ending the story of the Iliad.